As promised, for 50 weeks during 2017, I’ll bring some of the best minds and most fascinating people in the world to the program.  They will share their insights, stories, and recommendations about effective collaboration, leadership, accountability, vulnerability, and much more. We’ll talk about what’s next and look at how, together, we can prepare for […]

I got a jump-start on the Year of the Peer today (the day after Christmas), as I participated in my CEO World online group meeting, where we reflected on 2016 and talked about our goals for 2017.  Sharing my goals out loud with a group of my peers helps me hold myself accountable to what

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In 2017, I’m convinced that, together, we will inspire a positive change in the way we engage one another in business and in life.  If you contribute to the Year of the Peer in just one small way,  you’ll see how effective the power of peers, the power of “us”, can truly be. The good

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It was Christmas ten years ago that YOU were named TIME’s Person of the Year!  My guess is that most of you never noted it on your resume or added it to your LinkedIn profile.  I’m just wondering, “Why not?” For all these years, you probably believed that “you” wasn’t specific to you; it was

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If you asked someone to define the word peer, or to describe a peer, he/she might respond by saying, “Someone like me.”  While that’s partly true, it doesn’t mean you can’t have peers who are very different from you as well.  When you think of the word peer in this way, you can start to

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…just don’t tell the little ones!  It appears that Santa(s) got a jump-start on the Year of the Peer today at the annual Crested Butte Santa Ski and Crawl (Pub Crawl, that is). The featured image was taken at last year’s event. I caught up with a few Santas at today’s spectacle (see below) who

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Listed in alphabetical order by the author’s last name, you’ll find twelve “must reads” for the Year of the Peer.  Read one a month starting in January.  If you’ve read one or more of them already, offer your reviews or add a title of your own you may not see here!  If you’re so inclined,

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While it would be amazing if I were talking about age and how 50 is really the new 24 in terms of our health, fitness, appearance, etc., I have some other news to share.  As Randy Cantrell and I have been reaching out to top business leaders, scholars, and authors to appear on our 2017

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