Today’s show reflects on two questions Leo posed in a recent CEO World article. Do you consider yourself a part of the team? Or do you think of yourself as apart from it? If you’re a CEO or leader, bravely answer these questions. Seeing your proper role within the context of the team may lead […]

On today’s show, we make a BIG announcement! Leo is launching Peernovation, LLC. You can read the full press release here at Yahoo! Finance. Peernovation will address two major challenges for companies today: 1) The lack of ROI for employee learning and development programs; and, 2) the problem of alignment and employee engagement when implementing strategic

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Today’s show is a discussion on Leo’s latest CEOWORLD column, Ten Attributes of a Great CEO Peer Group. They are: Having the right people in the room  Being truly committed to their fellow members  “Leveraging” their safe environment Being prepared to play  Being relentlessly patient with asking questions  Bringing important topics to the conversation  Understanding

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Today’s show is a discussion about how we can improve – as individuals and in our organizations – achieving our goals. We’re approaching the start of the second half of the year and many of us want to achieve some specific things before the end of 2019. Will we accomplish them? Or will we quit?

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Today’s show was prompted by Leo’s participation in the C-Suite Network Thought Summit in San Francisco. He was on a panel about podcasting. Today we extend the conversation here on the WHAT ANYONE CAN DO PODCAST and discuss a few questions about podcasting. How should you start your own podcast? What makes a perfect podcast?

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Our guest today is Rich Karlgaard, publisher and futurist for Forbes and author of a new book, Late Bloomers: The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement. Are all high achievers early achievers? Can mature individuals with life experience add value to a workplace? Does personal and professional growth have an expiration

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Today on the What Anyone Can Do podcast Leo and Randy discuss three components of perspective, formed as questions: What’s going on? What does it mean? How do we act on it? Perspective is influenced by the people who surround us. Unique vantage points can be leveraged for mutual benefits, like the various camera angles

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Feel free to use this 4-minute video loop at your next mastermind/peer advisory group or team meeting. A big thanks to Vistage UK Chair Bob Battye who supplied most of the images!

When Leon Shapiro and I tackled the subject of how and why formal peer groups for CEOs and business leaders work so well in The Power of Peers, our research revealed two important findings: 1) The Learning-Achieving Cycle  common to high performing groups; and, 2) What we called the Five Factors necessary for making the

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In 2017, one of the guests on my Year of the Peer podcast (renamed What Anyone Can Do in 2018 and Peernovation in 2020) was Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, professor emeritus at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education and CEO of the Learning Policy Institute.  During our conversation, she told me the more that teachers collaborate with

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