On April 5, 2022, we launched the inaugural cohort of the Peernovation Professional Certification Program©. Nine participants from four countries completed the six-week program.  After reviewing the feedback and making adjustments to improve the offering, I look forward to leading additional cohorts in in the near future.  All programs will be delivered virtually and limited to 10 participants.

The reasons for offering Peernovation Professional Certification are threefold:

  1. I want your help with meeting the demand. 
  2. I wish to extend Peernovation’s reach and human touch.
  3. It will be an exciting and profitable addition to your executive coaching practice.

If you want to take what CEO peer advisory groups have proven to do so brilliantly to help cross-functional and departmental work teams achieve new heights, I invite you to join us.



Peernovation combines peer (people like you and me) and innovation (creativity realized). Peernovation occurs when a select group of people with a common purpose and shared values work together to make each other better and create something larger than themselves. 


Coming off two years of battling COVID, in a world still changing by the day, Peernovation helps organizations address what for so many is a central challenge – employee retention and engagement. What’s more, introducing Peernovation principles can help organizational leaders and their teams create and reclaim the high level of clarity, unity, and empowerment necessary to build and sustain an adaptive organization. In a world where in the US alone, ineffective communication costs companies $ 1.2 trillion annually, Peernovation serves as a powerful communication resource.


“Leo Bottary has done it again — and just in time for the new rules of work. Building on The Power of Peers, Bottary’s new book, Peernovation, takes proven concepts for CEO peer groups to higher levels of team insights and company performance. In a post-COVID world, and with the emergence of AI across even more industries, Peernovation reminds us of what doesn’t change – our humanity and our ability to collaborate and create. These will be the keys to thriving in the decades to come.” — Rich Karlgaard, Publisher and Futurist, Forbes

“Leo Bottary is the ultimate expert regarding how peers add value to an organization.  In his latest book Peernovation, he artfully explores the factors that lead to high-performing groups and team effectiveness.  In a time when teams must create globally impactful advances, it has never been more critical to learn how to get beyond silos, recognize the value of peers, expand perspective to make better decisions, and learn to work more effectively together.” — Dr. Diane Hamilton, Author of Cracking the Curiosity Code

“Outstanding book for CEOs, CFOs, and other senior executives dealing with the transition to agile. Some cool takeaways/reminders about human nature and teamwork. Leo has the rare gift as an author of taking difficult abstract concepts and translating them into an accessible, enjoyable narrative. Highly engaging, entertaining, readable, and full of well-explained big ideas. Read this book – and learn from one of the best.” — Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj, CEO & Editorial Director, CEOWORLD magazine.


Leveraging the multiple models/frameworks that drive Peernovation, here are the three phases of a typical client program:

1) Pre-work and interviews with the client and team members to identify their needs, purpose, and long-term goals.

2) Facilitating a half-day or full-day experience (depending upon the need) using Peernovation’s Five Factor Reinforcing Loop Framework©. The workshop experience inspires intentional conversations among team members that create clarity about expectations of one another, psychological safety, productivity, member-to-member accountability, and leadership. The Peernovation Workshop© serves as a unifying and empowering exercise and as a launchpad for high-performance.

3) Development of a follow-up report with recommendations for continued growth. *These recommendations may or may not require the ongoing involvement of a certified Peernovation Professional facilitator, yet your excellent work may lead to other engagements with different teams within the same organization.


Our next program will begin in early 2023.  The sessions will take place at a time agreed upon by the members of the certification cohort. It will involve six, two-hour weekly virtual sessions. I will record all the sessions for your convenience. You are encouraged to work and coach one another as practical during that time. After the sixth session, we will continue to work with one another as you wish. You will also be afforded whatever one-to-one coaching you desire to prepare for your first engagement as part of the certification fee.


The ideal candidate for the Peernovation Professional Certification Program© is a peer advisory group/forum leader, executive business coach, former CEO, or consultant with a passion for group work, teams, and learning. You will have the desire to become skilled at taking what high-performing peer advisory groups do so brilliantly and taking those practices to build high-performing executive leadership, cross-functional, and departmental work teams in today’s organizations.


In addition to leading monthly Peernovation Facilitator peer group meetings upon the cohort completing the program, I plan to create a Peernovation Assessment Tool that team members can take in advance of the workshop to identify specific opportunities and challenges as they pertain to Peernovation’s Five Factor Reinforcing Loop Framework©. I also plan to undertake at least one major research project per year, based on recommendations from Peernovation Certified Facilitators that will be of value to clients and facilitators alike.

PEERNOVATION PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION PROGRAM FEE** – The fee for the six-week program, including all materials, one-to-one pre-first engagement coaching, and a minimum of one year of peer-to-peer coaching, will be $2,750 USD to be paid in advance of the first module. 

Upon achieving certification, you can deliver Peernovation programs (including workshops for peer advisory groups and organizational teams, webinars, etc.) and WILL NOT be subject to pay any royalties to Peernovation, LLC.  

APPLICATION PROCESS – To apply, send your LinkedIn profile URL to leo@leobottary.com and schedule a 30-minute Zoom call by clicking here. Together, we will determine if Peernovation is suitable for you and your coaching/consulting practice and whether you are a good fit for the program.