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If you want to take what CEO peer advisory groups do so brilliantly to help cross-functional and departmental work teams in your organization achieve new heights, reach out to one of our Peernovation Certified Facilitators today. With their guidance, they will help you leverage the models and frameworks that drive Peernovation using a simple three-pronged approach: 

1) Pre-work and interviews with you and your team members to better understand your desired outcome, purpose, and long-term goals.

2) A half-day or full-day experience (depending upon the need) using Peernovation’s Five Factor Reinforcing Loop Framework©. The workshop experience inspires intentional conversations among team members that create clarity about expectations of one another, psychological safety, productivity, member-to-member accountability, and leadership. The Peernovation Workshop© serves as a unifying and empowering exercise.

3) Development of a follow-up report with recommendations for continued growth. *These recommendations may or may not require the ongoing involvement of a Peernovation Certified Facilitator. 

Today, our program is offered in three languages by Peernovation Certified Facilitators located in four countries.

 CANADA (Available soon in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Africa)

Gilles Prépoint

With experience on four continents, ranging from executive-level management of multi-million dollar international companies to launching his own businesses, Gilles developed a penchant for reinventing himself. Today, he leverages his experience and gifts as an executive coach to help leaders and their teams deliver strong economic performance, increase organizational effectiveness, and build organizational engagement.

Gilles is a serial entrepreneur, starting his first company (a boomerang manufacturer) at twenty. He has a passion for leadership, initially managing a large retail sports distributor. This leadership extended to managing operations of all stores (16 hyper stores and three warehouses), then training the teams opening internationally in Spain and Italy, and moving to Taiwan to prepare for expansion in Asia.

In 2002, Gilles moved to New Zealand and founded The France Oceania Group, a distribution company importing famous French brands and exporting local products to Europe. Through Gilles’ vision, success, and expertise in leadership, he was approached by the French Embassy to serve as an Economic Advisor consulting with French entrepreneurs looking to expand to the Pacific.

Since arriving in Canada in 2011, Gilles and three partners started an investment company, where they focused on helping entrepreneurs by developing simple models for preparing and launching a business.
Gilles believes deeply in collaboration toward continuous improvement. He’s focused on creating clarity and building support systems that leverage servant leadership and the power of peers.

Contact Gilles at and visit his website at


Chris Zhuang (Shanghai)

Chris Zhuang has extensive experience in a wide range of industries and enterprises over a 20-year career. He previously held a senior position in Vistage China. In addition, he has worked for State Grid and other joint ventures. In 2009, he set up his own business, importing and exporting.

Chris Zhuang translated and published Amazon’s bestselling book “Peernovation” in 2021, he believes that great team performance comes from each individual, and that great individual performance comes from those around him or her.

Chris Zhuang graduated from Shanghai International Studies University with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. He also holds a degree in International Accounting from Lixin College of Accounting and Finance in Shanghai.

Projects delivered:

  • Supported the general contractor in a consulting project to be the first project of a foreign self-built pavilion that was fully settled in payment in Shanghai 2010 World Expo
  • Early-stage marketing and market research project for an American Fortune 500 company
  • Design and launch project of a domestic mobile Internet leading enterprise university
  • Procurement and leadership development for an Australian mining company
  • Leadership development project of a Fortune 500 sales team

In 2018, he attended the Vistage Global COACH Certification training. And in 2021, he was certified as an ERICKSON INTERNATIONAL COACH. He also attended the ICF Professional Certified COACH (PCC) training and is on the approach for certification.


Adam Harris

Adam Harris is an EOS Implementor and executive leadership coach working across the globe. He works with CEOs, managing directors, their boards and leadership teams as well as aspiring leaders who want to climb the corporate ladder. He helps them achieve greater results for their teams, their businesses, and themselves. How? By taking them from where they are to where they want to get to.


Randy Cantrell (Texas)

Randy Cantrell devoted almost 3 decades to leading retail companies. Since 2009 he’s dedicated himself to serving executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders “figure it out” with private coaching and training through his boutique coaching company, Bula Network, LLC. With extensive C-suite experience, Randy helps leaders build, develop and maintain high-performing cultures.

In 2016 he began his collaboration with Leo Bottary to help promote the power of peers by producing the Year Of The Peer podcast. In 2020, Leo invited him to join the podcast as co-host of a rebranded version of the podcast, Peernovation. Randy is the Chief Evangelist for Peernovation. His Linkedin profile says so. (smile)

Today, he is primarily focused on serving leaders in city government. He and co-host Lisa Norris produce a weekly podcast: Grow Great, a city government leadership podcast.

Randy and his wife, Rhonda reside in Dallas/Ft. Worth where they enjoy five grandkids.

Peter J. Sciabarra, Ph.D. (Captain, U.S. Navy, Retired, Southern California)

Peter J. “Pete” Sciabarra is a native of New York City. He graduated from Xavier High School in Manhattan and is a member of the United States Naval Academy Class of 1981. Pete received his “Wings of Gold” as a Naval Aviator and helicopter pilot. Significant Navy assignments included: Commanding Officer, HC-11, the Navy’s largest aviation squadron; Air Boss, USS BOXER, and his final assignment as XO of  USS PELELIU.

Retiring in 2008, he commenced a career at Vistage Worldwide, serving eight years as VP of Field Operations before assuming the role of Regional Executive for the Southwest region.

Since 2019, Pete has served as a Senior Business Coach with Amazon Logistics as well as a coach and advisor to CEOs and their executive teams. Currently, he is the Senior Director of Employment Services at The Arc of San Diego, a nonprofit serving the disabled community.

Pete holds an MS in Global Leadership as well as an earned Ph.D. in Leadership and Education, both from the University of San Diego. He is the recipient of the Legion of Merit, and numerous individual, unit, and campaign awards.

He is a lifelong ice hockey player and a USA Hockey Level 3 certified coach.