Your Journey to Global Greatness

When was the last time you engaged in a dialogue about global greatness?   Surround yourself with the right people and these are the kind of conversations you’re inclined to have.  A big thanks to Ryan Foland, host of KUCI’s (88.9 FM) Get Notified, for inviting me, Rahfeal Gordon, and Miguel Dias to join him on his show.  Before any of us finished our first cup of coffee, we found ourselves taking a deep dive into the stages of attaining global greatness – live on the radio!   Pretty heady stuff at any time of day.  (Let me also offer a shout out to Erin and Angie for offering a student perspective and live tweeting during the program).

Using the three major stages of the journey from Rahfeal’s 2015 book Skyscraper, we enjoyed a rich conversation about Chaos, Ruin and Transformation, and the difference people can make in our lives at each juncture on our journey to greatness.  To learn more about embarking on your own journey and how to enlist the help of others to achieve greatness in your own life, here’s the podcast for review.  As Rahfeal says, “Your location is not your destination!” Enjoy!


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