Paul Axtell On Conversations

Paul Axtell on What Anyone Can Do Podcast

Paul Axtell is an author, speaker, and corporate trainer. He is the author of two award-winning books: Meetings Matter and the recently released second edition of Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids. He has developed a training series, “Being Remarkable,” which is designed to be led by managers or HR specialists. You can find Paul at

One thought on “Paul Axtell On Conversations”

  1. What Paul shared is priceless. Thank you for this interview.

    Full transparency…I’ve known Paul since he came to train at John Deere where I worked in 1997. Over time, his training and insights literally changed my life, especially in regards to the relationships with my wife and boys. I strongly recommend both of his books: Meetings Matter and Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids.

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