A New CEO World For Entrepreneurs

Imagine being the founder of what you believe will be the next great company.  You’re in the embryonic stages of forming your organization.  You know you’re headed down a long and lonely road, and a potentially rewarding one, assuming you don’t screw it up!   Now consider what it would be like to be approached by a major player who leads peer advisory groups for CEOs and business leaders in your area.

At first you might conclude, “Excellent, this is exactly what I need!”  You salivate at the prospect of meeting with your peers on a regular basis in a forum where you can talk about your toughest challenges and greatest opportunities.  You’ve read just enough to know how well these groups tend to help people become better leaders and grow their companies.  But then you find out how much it costs and how much time it will consume.  (Turns out this is the stage where both cash and time can be really tight). What’s more, because of your unpredictable travel schedule, you know before you start that your participation at locally-based monthly meetings may be unreliable at best.  It’s a situation that could be bad for you and unfair to the group.  Oh boy.  Now what?

Turns out Miguel Dias has something to show you.  Recently, CEO World launched its new website.  Miguel’s peer advantage solution not only tackles the issues of time, money and participation, it offers you access to other CEOs around the world who will give you an all new perspective to help you think and act more globally.

CEO World assembles and professionally facilitates mastermind groups specifically for entrepreneurs and leaders of early stage companies.  The groups are comprised of 6-8 people just like you (and yet not exactly like you at all) who meet online once a month for two jam-packed hours, including 30-minutes with a guest CEO who has been where you want to go.  You not only get the kind of help you need, but it’s offered at a fraction of the cost, in two-hour sessions (versus a half-day or full-day), and can be accessed from wherever you may be traveling (assuming you have a decent internet connection).

So does CEO World deliver something that Vistage, EO, Renaissance, TAB, or YPO doesn’t?  The answer is, yes and no.  CEO World is a different model, delivered on a different platform, and designed to meet the needs and requirements of an entirely different demographic.  CEO World opens up the world of peer advantage to those who otherwise might find it difficult, if not impossible, to access and makes it work for them. That’s CEO World’s killer app!   Over time, the market will decide for itself whether this is a gateway drug for traditional, in-person groups or a stand-alone alternative that meets their specific needs on an ongoing basis.  My guess is that leaders will be attracted to both options in greater numbers.

That said, CEO World is not a competitor to the big guys, so much as a companion.  If they all play their cards right, you’ll see what 1 + 1 = 3 really looks like!   If your organization leads CEO mastermind or peer advisory groups and you’re delivering true peer advantage to your members, tell me about it.  I’m more than happy to spread the word about what you’re doing.  Why not create a new world for everyone!





One thought on “A New CEO World For Entrepreneurs”

  1. Leo,

    We appreciate your kind words as a thought leader and book author in the industry.

    We congratulate your will to spread the word about the power of mastermind groups and all the players in the industry. We are aligned by the same mindset: abundance / collaborations instead of scarcity / competition.

    CEO World is very committed to serve our members: pre-seed / seed funded tech startup founders / CEOs all over the world.

    Looking forward to keep supporting your mission side by side!

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