Start the Year of the Peer With a Promise & 3 Words

Happy New Year and welcome to the Year of the Peer!  This is the year , starting today, when we’re going to challenge ourselves to listen more than we talk, read more than we write, learn rather than judge, and operate from a spirit of generosity and sharing that will enrich our own lives as well as the lives of those closest to us.  Let’s make it a year where dialogue trumps debate, where compromise is not regarded as a four-letter word, and where we think abundance rather than scarcity.  The world only operates as a zero-sum game if we allow it.  Let’s not.

It’s a year for meeting new people, distancing ourselves from the individuals in our lives who drag us down, re-kindling old relationships that have atrophied over time, and advancing our engagement with peers who support us and can help us be our very best selves.

Forget about new year’s resolutions.  What are your goals for 2017?   What promises are you prepared to make to yourself during the coming year?  And more importantly, who are the people in your life who will help you keep those promises?   The promise I’m making to myself is to complete by dissertation during 2017.  Anyone who is willing to share their wisdom, encouragement, and experience in this area will be greeted with open arms!  (Thank you in advance!)

If you’re looking for another device to help you get started, Chris Brogan has been advocating identifying 3 words to live by for a given year, since 2006.  I’m going to borrow my three words from the book we released earlier this year titled The Power of Peers: How the Company You Keep Drives Leadership, Growth & Success.  (A handy Year of the Peer manual by the way if you haven’t read it).   My three words are network, optimize, and accelerate. In a nutshell, it means I’m going to be more selective and purposeful about the people who surround me in my life; I will pursue perfection in the pursuit of excellence more often, and I will seek out relationships with more people who have completely different backgrounds from my own in an effort to expand my world view.

What promise(s) are you prepared to make to yourself in 2017?  What three words will guide you?  How will you contribute to making the Year of the Peer the best year ever?   Share your thoughts and insights on your favorite social media platforms using the hashtag #yearofthepeer.  Let the games begin!

*Don’t forget to join me and my producer Randy Cantrell, starting January 12th for the first of 50 weekly podcasts dedicated to the Year of the Peer!   My first guest will be Altimeter Group CEO and best-selling author Charlene Li.


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