Bri Seeley and Thaís Sky: Talk About Un-Networking!

Our guests today are Bri Seeley and Thaís Sky, founders of The Amplify Collective, based in Los Angeles. As life coaches, writers, speakers, and entrepreneurs, they founded the company because even after Bri had lived in LA for 4 years and after Thaís had been there for a year, they were struggling to make authentic connections in the city while working to get their businesses off the ground. Desperate for the connection of an authentic, tight-knit community of women, Bri and Thaís created a sisterhood for themselves and countless others -—not to trade business cards and false platitudes, but to communicate, collaborate, and support one another on a deeper level.

Next week’s guest: Renowned leadership coach and best-selling author, Lolly Daskal.

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