Leo & Randy On Staying At Home

The global Covid-19 crisis now has most of us in America living under a “shelter in place” rule, meaning we’re isolated at home except to take care of things necessary to maintain our health and safety. We can go to the pharmacy, grocery store, gas station, bank, pick up take-out food, etc. Otherwise, the government wants us to stay at home.

How are you getting along during this time? Are you doing things you wouldn’t otherwise be doing? For instance, Leo and his family report they’re sitting down for dinner together every night, something many of us haven’t done since we were kids. Today, on the What Anyone Can Do podcast, we talk about coping with this new stay at home law .

Do you want to laugh? Then watch these brilliant Tweets by a British “football” announcer (Nick Heath) who is using this time to put his play-by-play skills to good use.

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