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Peernovation: What Peer Advisory Groups Can Teach Us About Building High-Performing Teams by Leo Bottary is Leo’s latest book. It’s Leo’s third book following, The Power Of Peers (coauthored with Leon Shapiro) and What Anyone Can Do. 

On today’s show, we make observations of what we can all learn from this week’s presidential election in America. Leo’s Peernovation framework was created to help us foster high-performing teams in our organizations. But this week the Peernovation framework is suitable for our country’s need to collectively come together in hopes we can more effectively tackle the challenges before us — and to take full advantage of the opportunities we might otherwise overlook.

The message of the book is useful for our businesses, our organizations, our teams, our families, and yes, even countries.

The power of WE begins with YOU.

Good news! Leo is heading to San Antonio to Gameday Media to begin narration on the new book. He’ll be working with owner/founder John Largent to get the audiobook released in early to mid-December, just in time for the holidays.



For ideas on why leaning on your peers and serving one another at this critical time has never been more important, listen to our podcast.  If you have questions or ideas for us, contact us today.

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