Leo & Randy On Vacations

Leo returned from a 12-day trip, front-loaded with work in Oslo, Norway, but ended with a vacation on a barge in France. Today’s show is about the value of stepping away to relax, reflect and rejuvenate, and how leaders and followers alike can make vacation work harder for them! Enjoy the show!

Links mentioned in today’s show:

Executive Growth Alliance Get Future Ready Summit in Oslo, Norway

Leo’s article in CEO WORLD, “The Three Rs: Relaxation. Reflection. Rejuvenation. Why Vacations Matter.”

St. Louis Hotel Barge in France

Peter Carrington, owner/operator of the St. Louis Hotel Barge appeared on Year Of The Peer Podcast with Leo in 2017

Brian Solis is going to be our next guest. Be sure to check out his book, Lifescale.

Just prior to the Labor Day holiday weekend Randy recorded an episode at Grow Great entitled, The Three Holiday R’s – Rest, Recovery, Rejuvenation (great minds sometimes do think a lot alike)

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