Today’s show is a discussion on Leo’s latest CEOWORLD column, Ten Attributes of a Great CEO Peer Group. They are: Having the right people in the room  Being truly committed to their fellow members  “Leveraging” their safe environment Being prepared to play  Being relentlessly patient with asking questions  Bringing important topics to the conversation  Understanding […]

It’s funny how language can inspire aha moments.  I love Sekou Andrews‘ work for that reason, because for me, he offers much more than clever turns of phrase.  When you unpack his brand of poetry, there’s always such rich meaning to be extracted if you take the time to do so. He has since inspired

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In recent weeks, I’ve updated the original presentation of the five factors common to high performing groups (The Power of Peers, 2016) from a list to a reinforcing loop.  Also, after leading workshops for more than 100 mastermind groups over the past few years, it’s become clear that if an individual member wants to drive

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If you’re writing and speaking more than you’re reading and listening, it’s time to right the ship!  Here are three books you’ll love!  When you don’t have immediate access to the right people directly, you can still surround yourself with their ideas!  Enjoy! Amazon links to the books (not affiliate links): Cracking the Curiosity Code:

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When Leon Shapiro and I tackled the subject of how and why formal peer groups for CEOs and business leaders work so well in The Power of Peers, our research revealed two important findings: 1) The Learning-Achieving Cycle  common to high performing groups; and, 2) What we called the Five Factors necessary for making the

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The Gift Of Feedback: Leo's UK Workshops, Part 2 (#WACD1025)

When you receive feedback (positive or negative), see it as the gift that it is. Use it as fuel for reflection and continuous improvement.  Anyone who is great at anything is a product of people who were generous enough to provide them feedback along their learning journey.  We believed the message to be so important,

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What Anyone Can Do Podcast - The Edition (1014)

Today’s show is quite literally a roundtable discussion – a circle of people sharing experience and insight. Participating are Karen Floyd, Ryan Foland, Rahfeal Gordon and Dan Hoffman. Dan is the founder and CEO of, a company that builds software, programs, and workshops that make it easier for teams to connect meaningfully and grow faster.

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If you’re trying to get your entire body wet, staying in the shallow end of the pool isn’t going to get the job done, no matter how long you stand there. Nor will showing up to participate in your CEO or executive peer advisory group without being completely open and willing to be vulnerable about

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