Today, on this episode of the What Anyone Can Do podcast, Leo and Randy talk about the right people. LSU just won the NCAA Division 1 football championship. They’re a case study in assembling the right people. From head coach Ed Orgeron to LSU’s passing game coordinator Joe Brady to quarterback Joe Burrow, LSU demonstrated how […]

 People are training hard for it. There’s a goal with a deadline. Everybody shares the deadline and everyone is setting their own goals. It’s the 2019 Cabo Olympics slated for late October. Watch or listen to today’s show and we’ll explain. Leo’s appearance Jay Izso’s podcast, A New Direction Leo will be keynoting in

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As many of you know, I dubbed 2017 the Year of the Peer.  Throughout the year, I’ve learned (and continue to learn) a great deal from the people whom I surround myself – including the new people I have met.  These are the guests on my podcast, audience members for my keynotes, and participants in

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