Leo & Randy On The Right People (Season 2020, Episode 2)

Today, on this episode of the What Anyone Can Do podcast, Leo and Randy talk about the right people. LSU just won the NCAA Division 1 football championship. They’re a case study in assembling the right people. From head coach Ed Orgeron to LSU’s passing game coordinator Joe Brady to quarterback Joe Burrow, LSU demonstrated how getting the right people can create magical performances.

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Leo & Randy On The Cabo Olympics

People are training hard for it. There’s a goal with a deadline. Everybody shares the deadline and everyone is setting their own goals. It’s the 2019 Cabo Olympics slated for late October. Watch or listen to today’s show and we’ll explain.

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Come Up With The Title Of My New Book and Receive A Copy For You and 11 More For Your Peers!

As many of you know, I dubbed 2017 the Year of the Peer.  Throughout the year, I’ve learned (and continue to learn) a great deal from the people whom I surround myself – including the new people I have met.  These are the guests on my podcast, audience members for my keynotes, and participants in the several dozen CEO/Key Executive workshops I’ve conducted.  I’ve also learned a great deal from what you’ve all offered in the form of blog posts, articles, videos, etc.

My new book provides leaders, aspiring leaders, and educators with 12 practical takeaways about the value of surrounding yourself with the right people and the power of tapping into the unlimited potential they can create for your business and your life.   It’s not focused on neuroscience, how to become part of the collaborative economy, or how to start or join a peer group.  It’s focused squarely on our greatest (and most underutilized) source of success and happiness – the people we surround ourselves with each an every day.

Since you are playing such a prominent role in informing the content, I’d like to practice what I preach and not attempt to sit in a room by myself to craft a compelling title.   So here’s what I’d like to do:

Starting today through July 31st, I invite you to submit a book title – a title that captures the essence of something you’d love to read.  Assume that the subtitle will be 12 Timeless Takeaways From The Year of the Peer.  Understand that I’m not the sole decision maker when it comes to selecting the final title.   Fortunately, I have a wonderful publisher (the Taylor & Francis Group) which will have a hand in helping us make the best choice.

In early August, I’ll post our favorite submissions and ask you to pick among your favorites on the list.  That doesn’t mean the top vote-getter will be selected, because there are a host of other considerations when it comes to picking a title, yet your preferences will provide us with another important data point that will undoubtedly be helpful to reaching a final decision.

The working title to date is: Winning With Your Peers.  Another option under consideration is Who You Surround Yourself With Matters.  I believe you can offer other powerful options!  The person who comes up with the title selected for publication will receive 12 signed copies of the book – one for you and 11 others for you to give away to the people you value in your life.  I hope you see this as 12 valuable takeaways for your efforts.   Please send your suggested titles to leo@leobottary.com (submit as many ideas as you like), and I will confirm receipt of your email(s).  Game on!

*No purchase necessary.  The decision of the author and the publisher is final.  If I receive multiple entries of the same title, the one I received first will take precedence.  Once you are notified that you have won, the signed books will be shipped to you free of charge when they become available in Spring, 2018.

**Book artwork is not meant to represent the final cover.